Cost efficient custom manufacturing may well be a key component of your wider business plan. Yet, the pitfalls of launching production in unknown environments are many and the learning curve steep.

Let XQ Manufacturing be your solution!

With a presence in northeast China now over 10 years, XQ has the experience, the in-house manufacturing capability, the supplemental local manufacturing partners, and the know-how in both manufacturing and local business to produce and supply what you need.

When you’re ready to begin exploring possibilities, contact XQ. You’ll quickly discover that our strengths lie in the following:

  • On-site manufacturing facilities coupled with those of several trusted manufacturing partners, all with excellent quality control.
  • Between in-house manufacturing and manufacturing partners, XQ provides production experience and expertise in many areas including textiles, plastics, plastic injection, woodwork, forging and machined metal work, basic electronics, general assembly, and more.
  • Flexibility. XQ works with you to finalize and perfect your product specifications.
  • Ethical business and employment practices. XQ respects your intellectual property and sets its sights on your company’s growth.
  • Managed by native U.S. citizens, ensuring smooth communication and clear understanding of your product specifications and other manufacturing needs.
  • Global door to door or consolidated logistics services. Trusted third party logistics solutions also help you save big in both money and hassle.
  • Flexible warehousing solutions available.

Get started with XQ Manufacturing today... let's make it happen!

USA Office: 360-300-7026