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XQ Manufacturing is proud of its relationships built with clients since 2004. Please take a moment to see what our clients think of our manufacturing solutions regarding some of the best product lines in the world...

Setting up manufacturing in China is a challenge. I was in need of an established manufacturer in Shenyang where I could make product while avoiding the hassles and hurdles of independently setting up my own operation. XQ Manufacturing has proven to be the perfect business partner and more besides. I find that XQ genuinely cares for and works towards my success.

William Carl - Developer of Musical Instruments

"“Good value for money, flexible, short reaction time and a business partner rather than a supplier.”

Kai Lueber - BMW Purchasing Manager

"My boss looked at your parts and was very impressed . . . We're excited to build this relationship and are ready to go!"

Marcus Powel - Trinity Archery

"We have been very happy with your products and service. The hoodie you made us is my new favorite piece of clothing."

Kristen - Dalian Volunteer League

"We value your business relationship and truly enjoy working with you."

Courtney Noelle - Girleo

"We are really grateful as XQ really helped us out of a pinch modifying a product design just in time for a rush delivery for our Grand Opening Promotion."

Zhao Yu Bo - Ibesco Department Stores Consultant

“You have helped us expand our options and offer new products.”

Jon Ekker - Futureshirts

“The trust factor in our relationship has really helped us move quickly in new directions and product development.”

Paul Olson - Owner Pro23

“Ryan Shaffett [of XQ Manufacturing] was the small business advisory to the Exploratory American Chamber of Commerce in Shenyang; I consulted with Ryan regularly when I needed to know small business feedback for a particular issue. He was my strongest and most active small business representative in the area. I can tell you that Ryan is probably one of the most diligent and ethical businessmen I have worked with.”

Cathy Fieg, Principal Commercial Officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce in Shenyang, China

USA Office: 360-300-7026